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About Us

M.A.I. came into existence as a result sincere endeavors of visionaries and devoted people of kathor and its founders of kathor and South Africa. In the beginning they made arrangement for income so that M.A.I. could stand on its own foot. They constructed the house for M.A.I. Trust and then the boarding. The name of M.A.I. was well known not only in Gujarat but throughout the country. In those days the fragrance of Deeni education had spread far and wide. This fame was a matter of great pride for the institution. Due to the need of circumstances the institutions started talking interest in imparting worldly education. For this purpose we got a house in Kathradawadi in 1981 and foundation of the first school was laid by Marhoom Dr. A.M. Moolla Saheb. Thus, a beginning in imparting worldly education was made gradually the institution started making progress. The undaunted efforts of our enthusiastic founder trustees and whole heated support and co-operation of our generous donors and well wishers we have today before us this gigantic M.A.I. Educational Campus which is a great pride for Kathor village.

In the event of unforeseen happening, riots and natural climates the trustees of our institutions have always come forward on humanitarian aspect and provided all types of assistance and selfless services to the needy and affected unfortunate people without any feeling of difference of caste, creed or religion. They have even taken pains to collect information from various sources about the extent of damage caused and the number of families affected by it. Accordingly they have consulted their well wishers and supporters send their donations to help these affected people the Trustees on this institutions and noble charity on such occasions.

I am glad to say that M.A.I. is counted amongst the best educational institutions of the area and hopefully we will meet all our aspirations and targets. M.A.I. has safely and successfully steered through every storm our 117 years of reflex the real progress of our institution. These glorious progress in hot a contribution of one person. It is the integrated efforts of many, in fact the whole society which supported us in our endeavors. The educational and social achievements of M.A.I. does not stop here. Its journey of progress has till to go a long way. For this there is need of future co-operation and assistance and dedicated services from all our supporters and well wishers.

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