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Deeniyat Section

Alhamdulillah, This M.A.I. our beloved institution is an important center for imparting religious and worldly [Deeni-Dunyavi] education in the taluka as well as in the district. For last hundred years this village has been a grand center for religious education in the district and whole of the Gujarat. Many well known Ulma-E-Kiram have received their education from here and now they are serving in various countries of the world.

This institution was founded by a pure hearted Arif Billah Hazarat Maulana Abdul Hazarvi [R.A.] in the year 1902. In this Madressa, children from 5 to 14 years of age are receiving the essential religious education and Quran-E-Shareef with tajveed under the supervision and guidance of expert Ulma-E-Kiram essential Masaels are taught. Practice of Ghusal [Bath], Vuzoo and Namaz are made. The children are taught to live in the society with complete manners and etiquette and to follow the best character and way of living of our beloved prophet Hadarat Mohammed [S.A.W.]. Besides the noble virtues like honesty, sincerity, loyalty and patriotism etc. are also taught.

In the madressa there are 23 Mudarris serving 23 Mudarris sewing under the supervision and guidance of sadar saheb with diligence and sincerity. There are 482 students and 23 classes Alhamdulillah due to the hard work in the Madressa many efficient and talented children who can lead their lives with good character in the society are prepared.

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